Like every home-dwelling woman in North America, I wanted one of those Pinterest-y wooden pallet signs for my house. While I am somewhat handy with a hammer, I requested the hubby’s help since he’s a natural at woodworking.

This was also during Snowpocalypse 2014, so we had nothing better to do. We usually have easy access to pallet wood from either seed deliveries or the local co-op, but being that he used to build things from cherry and oak and the like (while his parents were conveniently paying for the wood when he was a teenager), Matt tends to get a little snotty when it comes to wood choice. I don’t know what he has against pallet wood, but he thinks using it for a project is akin to using a corn cob for toilet paper. He’s good with generic until it comes to woodworking.

(And all of Pinterest just cringed.)

Needless to say, we ended up with a more unique project. But I love him for it, because it looks even better than I thought it would.

First, we found some old wood in our barn and washed it. Like I said, it was during this crazy winter we had, so while using the hose would have been the best option, I was afraid I wouldn’t have any fingers left. Luckily, we have a sink in our laundry room, so I used that. It was only two months later when I finally got around to cleaning the mud out that I sort of regretted that decision.


We lined them up over a piece of MDF Matt cut to fit a frame I had (another find in our old barn).


Nailed them down to the MDF underneath with an air nailer.


Cut the edges even with the MDF.


All ready to stencil and frame!


Now, to stencil, I printed out the verse I chose in large letters …


… and cut out pretty much every one. (I left a few strips to connect the letters.)


Next, I traced all of the letters in pencil, and then put three coats of paint on them.

I debated back and forth what saying to use for a while. I’ve always loved this verse, and I need to hear it every day. I figured this would be a good reminder. Right now, I have it sitting on our mantle, but I think someday I’d like to put it in our kitchen when we redo it.

photo (16)

(And I still have a few pallets stashed away for later projects. Just don’t tell Matt.) 🙂

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