I had a few posts I started this week and never got back around to. This is due to the fact my hubby has been working 15 hour days. And so the only posts I really wanted to write were about how three years old has to be the worst age that ever existed, sponsored by my espresso machine, York Peppermint Patties, and maybe Oliver wine.

But, over Easter, I did convince Matt it was necessary for him to help me finish wallpapering the entryway. Actually, I tried to do it without him, and called him in a panic because I couldn’t cut the edges once it was on the wall.

“Uh, I’m an hour away and on a four wheeler. Don’t think I’m going to beat that paste drying.”

I survived, and he made it home to help me hang the rest.

Here’s the before:

entry The previous owners may not have had exquisite taste, but they had some mad wallpapering and cutting skills.

photo (12)And apparently a fine knack for switch plates (although that thing was sharp enough, I thought about saving it as a switch blade). 

More before:

photo (11)

The books were getting a little out of hand. They started out as neat stacks to keep them separate. But I guess climbing over mountains of books is much more fun than playing with your toys. I should have known!


And, tada:


IMG_2016Paint color is Gadget Grey from Menards. I found the wallpaper on Amazon. And, yes, we’re still missing a shelf on the upper left. I had to wedge it out of there, but I didn’t want to shatter it going back in. I think I’ll take it to the glass shop and have them cut it a little.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! Now I’m back to using this as my reading spot in the mornings.

3 thoughts on “Transformation Thursday: Finished entryway

  1. Jennifer Slavens

    Looks great, Rachel! And your blog is wonderful–you are a very talented writer. (and a great mom)


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