Through her eyes

Don’t get me wrong. Rain is a good thing. But rainy days are notorious for keeping mommas with little kids at home, inside. With the piles of bills and laundry. And the hidden Oreos.

So when I announced that it was probably going to rain today, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.

FireCracker on the other hand, her first response was:

“So we can jump in mud puddles!”

Uh huh. Exactly what I was thinking.

Later, I was driving down the road from our house when I noticed all of the beautiful yellow flowers dotting the ditch. They were pretty enough that I stopped to pick a handful, knowing FireCracker would love them.

Jumping back in my car, I looked down at them. For as pretty as they looked from the road, they were really just a Dandelion, version 2.0. And the inside coating of the stem was making my hands sticky.

photo (24)

Disappointed and ready to chuck them out the window, I thought about my daughter. Realizing she wouldn’t mind one bit if they weren’t pretty by my definition, and positive she wouldn’t mind sticky hands, I took them home to her.

And I’m glad I did. Because she got her flowers, and I got to see a beauty filtered through the eyes of a weed.

The light in her eyes made me think about what I deem as negative, disappointing and anger-provoking is maybe too often filtered into the ‘bad’ of my thinking.

There was this one time I heard Zig Ziglar talk about finding, and naming, something good in every perceived ‘bad.’ For a can-be-Eeyore like me, it sounded like he must have taken one too many happy pills. And then I tried it.

Sitting in my dining room frustrated at the lack of progress on the house we’ve now lived in a year, and mad at the cherub wallpaper, I noticed what a beautiful view I have when I look beyond those walls.

(Yes, I was really angry about my wallpaper. First world problems. Just being transparent.)


(See what I mean?!)

And then FireCracker hugged the flowers.

There are so many times I could use her perspective. To see …

… a mess as a day that was filled with fun.

… bills as us being warm, clothed, fed and happy. More so than we deserve.

… dessert as something to be enjoyed instead of guilt-inducing.

… a schedule more as a loose plan instead of strictly regimented.

… alone time (AKA, nap time) as time to refresh instead of freak-out clean.

… visitors as an opportunity to offer hospitality instead of stress.

… cancelled plans as a chance to relax.

… and, of course, rain as mud puddles in the making.




“You are what you are and you are where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You change what you are and you change where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”  -Zig Ziglar

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