our great american roadtrip {travel}

We’ve been traveling.

3,400 miles over ten days with three children, ages five and under, and a camper, to be exact. We’re home, and we survived!¬†Well, except for the mean stowaway kitten we left in the parking lot of the Corn Palace in South Dakota.

Two new tires, a few tense moments, ear plugs meant for sleeping that came in handy for parents in the car. Swearing we were going to be ‘old fashioned’ and not use GPS, until we needed GPS. Getting rained on by Old Faithful, hiking with no one else in sight, learning about a way of life almost forgotten, driving through a forest fire, taking two hours to get down a 20-mile ‘Four wheel drive required’ gravel rock stretch of road path.

We already miss the mountains. We’re still overwhelmed with the beauty and grandeur … and vastness … of the West. And really, the beauty of coming back home, too – especially at 6 a.m. after two straight 15-hour road days.

More details to come on:
Mount Rushmore
Cody, Wy.
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Stops along the way
Traveling/camping with kids

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite memories.

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