oops, they didn’t warn me to baby-proof that

When I was pregnant with our oldest, I read all the baby books and tried to do everything right. Now, after my nearly four years of experience mothering, I’d like to submit an addendum to the chapter of What to expect … book on what you really need to baby-proof.

photo (58)Pump parts (She’s trying to put it under her shirt here)

photo (59)photo (60)Mascara … on Big Sis & Little Sis

photo (65)Flower pots

photo (61)Ink pens

photo (66)… and again (but, in order to lessen the blow, Firecracker explained she was just drawing Jesus)

photo (62)Duct tape

photo (63)Laundry baskets

photo (64)… and washing machines

photo (56)Toys meant for baby dolls

photo (3)iPhones

photo (68)

photo (69)And spray paint!

And in case you’re wondering, no, I do not have a baby any more. I just finally got tired of my phone telling me it was out of memory, and cleaned all my old photos off.

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