crazy pregnant lady here

You probably don’t need told that pregnancy does crazy things to your hormones and emotions. Case in point:

The girls watched Homeward Bound the other day. You know, the VHS staple from back when windpants were cool about two dogs and a cat who fight their way through the wilderness to make it home? You all, I was hardly even watching from the other room, and I cried. I didn’t do that as a six year old in 1993. 

Yes, I am a living, breathing billboard for the third trimester.

Insomnia. I can’t stay up to watch the sun go down or get up with it either, but I can sure rock online shopping for enough toilet paper for our whole county (what if I can never, ever take four kids in public?!) and clothes I’m just dreaming of fitting into from the hours of 2-5 a.m. That’s in addition to reading everything there ever was on the Internet, thinking about the photo books I need to be making from the last … oh, five years, Jesus’ second coming, why the rest of my family keeps turning the air conditioning up from the 62 degrees I keep setting it to, fidget spinners, and why the Paw Patrol theme song has to be so darn catchy. Oh, and peeing approximately two whole quarts more than I even drank in the whole day.

Indecisiveness. Or as the rest of the world may call it, moodiness. I can’t even decide if I’m Type A or B anymore. One minute, I’m scrubbing baseboards, the next, I leave an entire bagel shredded all over the kitchen floor, convinced that if I sweep it up and keep being prepared, I will never go into labor. My kids alternate meals of either carrots, cucumbers, salad and fruit or three cupcakes and handful of Doritos. There’s no in between. But at least I have an excuse for acting like a raging lunatic for a little while longer, right?

Clothes. Because really, what do you wear at 37 weeks +? I’m beginning to realize why mumus were invented.

As this (very likely last) pregnancy nears the end (39 weeks today!), I’m trying to enjoy every last kick and crazy, mumu wearing, sleepless minute. But whenever this little peanut decides to come out, bring on the two-day vacation, complete with room service and food that is beautifully delivered at the push of a button. I won’t even let the fact that it’s not even good get me down. I mean, I don’t even have to pack for anyone else this trip.

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