around here: remodeling is fun!

These last two months have flown, which is good, unless you like going outside and getting blasted in the face with artic wind while dragging along a toddler and a preschooler. It’s not really my thing.

Soo … like any good Hoosier, I’m ready for Spring. But before it comletely ‘Springs,’ and Matt goes to working all hours, I need my kitchen, which is currently being remodeled DONE.


If for nothing more than to record this to remind myself to pause before going knocking out walls the next time, here’s how our year has gone down:

Christmas-tear out kitchen walls-clean up plaster-drywall-clean up drywall dust-tear out floor-clean up floor-paint walls-paint trim-paint windows-paint desk-paint fridge-clean up paint-take everything out of cabinets-paint cabinets-keep painting cabinets-stay up too late painting cabinets-take off countertops-take off stove-remember you have to make supper-get creative cooking on an electric skillet-go to California for a week-eat pb&j-daughter throws up pb&j-house smells like throw up-order Cracker Barrel-paint some more-keep children out of paint-prepare for girls’ birthday party-wonder what was so good about changing the kitchen anyways-the end.

Because soon it will be – has to be – done, and I’ll go back to dreaming about my next project. 🙂 Until then, here’s a sneak peak of the finished product. Can’t wait to get these babies onto my counters!


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