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cody, wy {travel}

Oldest baby girl off to kindergarten {check}. Tomatoes canned {check}. Olympic obesession put to rest {check – tear}. Two workouts completed in effort to compensate for sitting in the chair eating chocolate while watching the Olympics {check – and it’s only Tuesday!}.

I can now officially resume my life. And my blogging (You’re welcome. Hi, Mom!)

I last left off with our Great American roadtrip recap in Mount Rushmore. From there, we traversed the Big Horn Mountains. I suggested the trusty, safe ole interstate, but my safety-adverse husband thought nothing screams ‘adventure’ like taking a camper through some pretty significant hills and downgrades. At least until we hit 5000 RPMS going up, wondering why we were barely moving. We were committed at that point, but luckily the terrain evened out pretty quickly. Even so, we had to make a few stops to let the Suburban rest, which wasn’t a bad thing when you can still hear your children asking questions about the destination, despite the construction worker earplugs you’re sporting.

Once we made it to our destination of Cody, Wy., we set up camp, found a playground for the kids to run around, and visited the Smithsonian’s Buffalo Bill Museum of the West. Matt and I are kind of history nerds. We spent our first anniversary in D.C. visiting all of the historical sights. But we also wanted to take the girls because they’ve been interested in Native American history. Ever since I took them arrowhead hunting in our field this Spring, they always ask about what things were like when ‘the Americans’ were here.

That being said, after a while, they were bored with some of the traditional exhibits, so we took them to the drawing studio and the interactive teppee area. Everything was top-notch, and one could easily spend the whole day there.


Cody was a great little (large, for Wyoming) town with plenty to do. I’m glad we stopped to get off the road and recharge before heading to Yellowstone.