Monthly Archives: September 2015

this summer

I know … it kind of feels like summer packed up its bags more than a month ago for kids who had to go back to school. But this unusual streak of 80-degree days, coupled with BOTH OF MY KIDS being at preschool for THREE HOURS OF QUIET and the fact that I haven’t blogged in, oh, six months, made me want to recap our summer.

Because when people ask, I tend to think/say we had an uneventful summer. And when I’m old and have 24 hours of quiet, I don’t want to sit on this same front porch and reminisce of uneventful summers.

I want to remember my kid’s ice-cream stained face and the way the sand stuck to all the messy drips down her leg. How she still asks when we can go back to Michigan to the beach.

photo (79)

I want to remember the excitement and innocence of preschool, and how our worries aren’t of bullies and homework, but of not wanting to pick up her toys and locating the missing tennis shoes, because we already violated the dress code by wearing sandals the first day.

photo (78)

… the lazy trips to the park and splash pad. Fairs and berry (76)

photo (72)

photo (55)Weird obsessions with goggles and crawdads/worms/frogs/creatures that aren’t meant to be pets. Being worn out from Bible School and falling asleep at the table. Her first time wanting to get her hair cut to look like someone else. Most every afternoon spent splashing, floating, jumping and asking me to watch or catch her in the pool.

photo (75)

photo (73)Gaining confidence and getting over her fear of going underwater, jumping in and swimming. The girl in that last September swim looking nothing like the scared girl in the chilly early-June water where she cried her way through swimming lessons. Spending the day exploring the Children’s Museum with friends and cousins we don’t get to see very much. The thrill of staying up too late to watch the fireflies light up the sky. Helping Daddy farm and going to the same zoo Mommy grew up visiting. Failing at potty training.

Getting away with my husband, not once, but twice – with no plans other than to eat, see, and enjoy each other. Realizing that the planner in me might just have more fun if she jumped in the backseat every once in a while – realizing sometimes life happens best when you turn ‘uneventful’ into a lot of little good things.